Jeti 1211 Display List

This is the Jeti 1211 display list; a list of all the displays I have encountered so far where the Jeti Specbos 1211 unit has had repeatability issues while running on the Calman V4/V5 program.  No amount of mode switching on Calman has fixed this.  I can continue to add to this list or remove from it as fixes are arrived at.  At least this removes the frustration ahead of time when you discover the Jeti is acting funny on some display.  Please leave a reply if you encounter new displays that the jeti has problems with and I will update the last.

Runco DLP Duo Stack projector … two DLPs running at the same time.  Nothing can fix this.  Need to cover up one projector output at a time … which creates other issues.

Sharp/Pioneer Elite 70 inch … very irratic Gamma readings at bright patterns.  Set to auto sync the next time  … need to confirm if it works

Panasonic Plasma in SM … okay in user mode.  – Chad.

Sharp 80″ LED/LCD … unstable with 4.6 … repeatability issues.  (Chromapure had some erratic readings too … jeti FW 1.50)

Samsung 64D8000 … had repeatablity issues using v4 build 384 …

Panasonic Industrial Panel 11UK version.  Both CP and Calman had consistency issues reading off this panel.

Sanyo Z2000 LCD projector … repeatability issues with calman … stable with CP

Panasonic VT30 … Calman V4 bounced all over … and CP 2.3.2 was stable.

Hitachi Plasma sets … Calman bounced all over …  CP 2.3.2 was stable.

Panasonic VT60 series … repeatability issues with Calman … stable with CP 2.4

JVC 2013 line of DILA projectors … repeatability issues with Calman …stable with CP 2.4

BenQ DLP projectors …repeatability issues with Calman.  Stable with CP 2.4.1

Samsung 65F8500 plasma … repeatability issues with Calman.  Stable with CP 2.4.1.

Panasonic 65ZT60 plasma … repeatability issues with Calman.  Stable with CP 2.4.1.

Hitachi CRT RPTV … (Circa 2005) … erratic behavior with Calman.  Stable with CP 2.4.3

Sony 24″ Studio Grade OLED production monitors … Repeatability issues Calman.  Stable with CP 2.4.3

(Side note, I1 pro had repeatability issues on dark end on both programs with OLED Sony)


Sure does seem to be a whole bunch of Plasma displays on this list as well as DLP projectors.  Calman seems to be more stable when the sync option is turned off.  Problem is … it can still get things wrong.  So another fix / work around is to take a reading with CP first .. and then see if the no sync reading on Calman lines up with that CP read.  If yes, proceed with the Calman Jeti combo after that.  If the non-sync reading is not close to what CP reads, then you have no choice, but to do the job with the CP.


The recommended solutions at the moment are to try the Chroma Pure program because that one seems to be more stable on more displays.  If you do not have the CP program, get a C6 probe or i1 Display III and profile the unit to the jeti and continue to use the Calman program or go to the i1 Pro.

As of February 2015, I traded my Jeti for another piece of hardware so no more additions or updates for this one. I got an opportunity to go back to a Minolta CS 200 paired with a Klein K10A so I took it.

Down the road, I may consider a CR250 spectro from Colorimetry Research.

Michael Chen

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