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Audio / Video Hook Up Specialists

imagesTrue Audio & Video hook up services have arrived.  If you have audio and video gear and you need help setting it up and getting everything connected and working right, then this service is for you.  We are going to set it up as if it was our own system as this is not just a job, but also part of our passion.

Not everyone is automatically up for this type of challenge and it’s okay.  We understand completely how some people can just be overwhelmed with the “wire jungle” that is behind their system or will be behind that system.

Let us get it all set up correctly the first time and with the least amount of wires possible and delivering the best quality that you paid for. No surprise pitches to buy more expensive cables here.  Best of all, I’ll even teach you the fundamentals on how to use your own stuff. (Not to be confused with installation or integration services which are not provided or offered or anything to do with putting/pulling wires into walls. No lifting of any device or mounting TVs.)

Let’s break the hook up service down into pieces:

  • Set up Cable Box / Satellite Box
  • Connect Cable/Satellite to TV / Receiver / Processor for best quality
  • Set up Blu-Ray/DVD player
  • Connect player to TV / Receiver / Processor for best quality
  • Set up internet access for Netflix … and more
  • Set up Media player/Apple TV
  • Connect Media player/Apple TV to TV / Receiver / Processor for best quality
  • Set up internet access … wired or wireless
  • Set up Game System (Playstation 3/4 /Xbox 360/One /Wii etc.)
  • Connect Game system to TV / Receiver / Processor for best quality
  • Set up internet access … wired or wireless
  • Set up / Program Stereo Receiver for optimal performance
  • Confirm Speaker wiring
  • Set up Video Processor Box for optimal performance

Hook up / Wiring services are charged at a rate of $125/hr for the first hour and $75/hr after that.  Bundle this service with one of our other services and save $50.  (Most single room set ups get done in 1 hour or less unless it is really hard to access the wires or you have not provided enough wires to get the job done correctly.)

Serving Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Central and Southern Alberta.

With your system all set up and ready to go, you now have at least four remote controls sitting on the table in front of you.  One for the TV, one for the cable box, one for the DVD/BD player, and one for stereo receiver.  Welcome to remote control clutter and it isn’t pretty.  We can take you the next step by simplifying all these remotes with something like this. (Logitech Harmony Remote Control)  One remote control to rule them all.  Remote Control Programming.

It goes without saying that anyone promising the best TV performance without proper training and instrumentation should be taken with a grain of salt.  There is a reason why I have $30,000 in hardware and software and training to do this part.  Ask us about the THX Express Calibration service as well.

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If you are looking for installing and integration companies that can retrofit an existing room, I can get you in contact with reputable companies that are not out to rip off the clients.  (See this Article)

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