This is not just about contacting me for calibration work.  Please use this or the Q&A section to also ask me questions on looming product purchases and advice when dealing with other calibrators.   I don’t sell hardware so I don’t push product on anyone.  Tell me what you might be thinking about getting and I will tell you what I don’t like about it.  Straight talk and nothing else.  You might also suggest topics within the calibration world that you would like to see covered.

Michael Chen’s Contact Information:

Cell / Text messages / VM: 403 818 2122 … Text is preferred.

Skype:  Michael.tlv01



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Questions & Answers

Please leave your questions here.  Personal questions will be handled privately, but some generic questions and their answers will be posted for the welfare of others as well.

Thank you.


Please note that replies and confirmations by email sometimes end up in junk mail folders and spam folders. This is something I have no control over so please take a look there if you don’t think I have responded in a reasonable time frame. Usually, all emails get responded to within a few hours.  If you text me, I can start answering questions almost right away.