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Welcome to the best place to find information on all things video calibration related.  The gateway to the best looking picture your TV will ever show.  From articles that explain and demystify the entire process to basic tutorials.  Done with that, then move to the advanced tutorials that cover pretty much everything one can think of asking.  If it helps to make the picture better, we talk about it here.  All presented in a simple to understand manner.  This site is home to the best video calibration instructors out there.

If you want to learn to do it yourself, we have the best training videos in the industry right here.

If you want to test your own knowledge, we have some fun quizzes for you to look at.

Want to evaluate a professional calibrator to see what he really knows?  We have a tool for that too.

Want your technicians to be trained on how to do this?  The best training in the industry is right here as well. (At surprisingly affordable rates.)


There is a lot of content on this site on video calibration and it has been divided up into the four categories you see below.  Choose the articles and media that you want to read by clicking the images below.  You will find everything you ever wanted to know about video calibration and then some; aimed at all audiences.  We even hit some topics that have been considered to be taboo in this calibration industry for the longest time.  The silence is finally broken.

It should be noted that some topics are more complex than others and they are ordered as such.

Base 1 Calibration Level Articles

Consumer Level Articles

Calibrator Articles

Base 2 Base 3

Training Articles/Programs

Media – Print / Live