Display Training Series Testimonials

My Number One Rule when I set about to make these training videos.


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein




What the Video Professionals are saying …

“…The video series Michael and Ray collaborated on is worth far beyond what is being charged for it. It’s practically a “steal” by any fair measure.”
Alan Brown (ISF/THX Calibrator), CinemaQuest, Inc.


“I did ISF level 2 and then I felt it was not enough to just go into the field. I love your course – it’s more detailed and well explained.”
Sawan Nichani (ISF Calibrator)


“The videos are an invaluable source of reference delivered in your inimitable style. A sort of edutainment really. Keep up the good work.”
Paul McNicholas (THX Calibrator)


“I have just finished viewing all 30 of your calibration videos. Great job capturing your practical experience and techniques. I especially found your 3D calibration process informative along with all your other tips, suggestions and warnings. I wove a lot of your lessons into my current multipage written process sheet. I also liked your casual “down-home” approach to your videos along with your stories and explanations of why something is the way it is.
Very worthwhile Michael. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.”
Larry Ligon (THX Calibrator)


“…watched the first two of your videos and found them to be really well done. Nice job!”
Doug Weil (ISF/THX Calibrator), Clearly Resolved Image & Sound, ISF Forum Library Owner


“Experience. It’s something that takes years to acquire. Especially as a professional Video Calibrator. Most of us learn by trial and error, and hundreds of hours of playing with our equipment, and our own displays, and unfortunately sometimes learning hard lessons while calibrating a clients display. Although we are given a very good grasp of the process and a head start, through the training, (both textbook and hands on), provided by the Level I and II THX Video Calibration course, there is simply not enough time to cover how to relate this information in simple terms to your client, which can be the most important part of the process, and the most difficult.

Until now.

Michael, whom I like to call my own personal Yoda, which being a huge star wars fan I am sure he gets a kick out of, has provided us with the opportunity to sit through an entire calibration from start to finish, and experience the process that he uses, from a clients point of view. Being able to confidently relay, step by step, to the customer exactly what is being done to their display can make the difference in a clients experience, and overall enjoyment of their investment. To quote Michael directly, “Answers, without understanding the questions, have no meaning.” If a client is left out of the process and does not understand it, they can be left feeling underwhelmed, and cheated of hard earned money.

Every calibrator, especially the new calibrator owes it to their clients to educate themselves as much as possible, and I can think of no better way than to sit through an entire calibration, from one of the best and most prolific calibrators on the planet. It would be foolish not to. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO SERIES TO ALL SERIOUS CALIBRATORS. You won’t be sorry.
Corey Robb (ISF/THX Calibrator) – AudioWaves Home Theatre & Design, BC


“… I really appreciate the explanations of the processes, goals, history, etc. … FANTASTIC!I learn something new each time I go over a set … It never hurts to review fundamentals … I can’t wait for more … The videos are great, thanks again. It’s the best value for the money I can think of… “
Terry B. – Austin, TX (ISF Calibrator)


“…Thank you Michael for your training videos very interesting and well done …”
Cedric L. – France (ISF Calibrator)


“I too have taken the ISF classes twice (before they provided any hands on training) but I recently purchased and viewed (2x) the 26 and counting training videos that Michael has produced and cannot recommend them highly enough! They are worth more than any of the classes I paid for and the support he gives is excellent. Michael is an excellent instructor and never boring. They are a worthy investment in your calibration education.”

“This video training series is a steal @ $4.00 per episode (When purchases as a set.) and it keeps getting cheaper because he keeps coming up with more instruction ideas. I look forward to seeing each new video. Michael is not doing this for the money as is quite evident when compared to the cost of the ISF classes. This training series is designed to help techs like myself be better at what I do. Highly recommended!”
Bill P. – Chattanooga, TN (ISF Calibrator)


… I just completed part 16 and learned something I never bothered with – keeping the glasses straight for 3D. Again, thanks for the efforts with the videos. They must have taken you a lot of time to shoot and put together. My only comment would be to try to get your face into the shot (it does not matter as the content is still being delivered with your voice, but it would look nicer 🙂 …
Venkatesh M – Malaysia (THX Calibrator)


What the Enthusiasts are saying …


“… Thank your for the great work on producing the videos.  IMHO, they are the best resource on calibration material available.”
M. Garcia – Columbia

“… I downloaded a few videos and watched them (about 20)!  They are really great – I learned so many things – FANTASTIC!!!!”
S. Streit – Austria


“… I learn something with each video and am enjoying them quite a bit.  It’s nice to get a fresh perspective on things that “I thought” I knew.  I also feel more confident that at least I’m doing some things right!”
J. Barefoot – Cayman Islands


“… I would also like to tell you that I think the videos are great! It’s really nice for an amateur like me to have access to this kind of quality instruction without having to fly to another city and pay thousands of dollars for it (probably would never happen).  Being able to gain the knowledge to know that you are doing something right is priceless…”

D. Horne – NFLD


I just wanted to say how great your video series is. I stumbled upon them while working a month of emergency medicine in Windsor back in December. I’d come back from a shift and watch your videos. It was like calibration crack.
Even though I’m not ready to buy calibration tools just yet (time and finances) it’s on my bucket list in the next year or two.
Still I wish I’d found your site sooner. You do a great job of synthesizing these concepts into very useful, detailed yet practical application. I’ve been reading for fun about this stuff on and off for 20 years as a enthusiast but still learned a ton of stuff from you.”
Ilango – ON


“Actually… I just watched the Brightness video and I absolutely love your teaching style so I’d like to just go ahead and purchase the $150 package.”
John K. – PA


“The best investment for me to understand the calibration process that I have ever made. They make sense of a lot of uncertainties and are there to be revisited time and time again. Thank you Michael.”
Peter M.- U.K.


“I loved your videos; I learned more on those videos than my entire year trying to learn by myself and reading through forums and guides.”
Elvin P.


“… your video series is beyond any of my expectations.”
William P.


“One of the many things I appreciate about the videos is not only the knowledge they provide but the way which you make it very easy for even a dolt like me to understand. :D”
Joe A. – Home Theater Shack Forum


” I just started Michael’s video calibration series. As an enthusiast, I see value and personal entertainment. As a businessman, i believe the investment in the video training will provide your greatest ROI. After the videos, you should be able to discern if and how much you get into calibration as well as the cost of adding and supporting said value.”
Bigdogaxis – AVS Forum


“… I’ve made it through about half the videos so far and I think they’re great!…”
Mechman – Home Theater Shack Forum


“I’ve started the first few videos and all I can say is THANK YOU Michael! They are simple, easy to understand, and a must have for all HD Addicts!”
C. Werth – (Owner of HighDefJunkies)


“…Thank you very much for your time to make all these precious materials…”
Jean R – Brazil