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For all Tours, Calibration services are available as well as the any of the Calibration Training programs (2 Day/1 Day/Half Day).  I can calibrate your TV or teach you how to use your own gear to do it yourself.  Take your pick; Full Service or Express Calibration or Calibration Training.

Home Base is Calgary and Edmonton. I am in Edmonton about 7 days each month.  Appointments in the greater Calgary area are usually mid day 7 days a week.  Appointments in Greater Edmonton are usually on Tuesday, Wednesday of the week, Weekends are possible at additional cost.

Service to the greater Vancouver area is now available on a bi-monthly time frame.  (If I can get four jobs, I will make the trip out.)

Vancouver – Summer 2024

Regina/Winnipeg/Thunder Bay – TBD

Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal – TBD


Unfortunately, planned trips are tentative and subject to delays as they depend on sufficient interest in any one area or pandemic issues.  The cruel reality of the Calibration industry is that there isn’t enough interest to sustain a full time endeavor, unless one is willing to travel all over the country and that is no kind of life.

Some locations are subject to a $50 travel fee.

If you would like to book a video calibration session online, please fill out the following form.  Your appointment will be confirmed by phone/e-mail.  Please note that start times are approximate.  The morning sessions usually start at 9 AM but can be adjusted as needed.  Depending on the morning sessions, the afternoon sessions can start as early as 2 PM and later like 5 PM or 6 PM or 7 PM … if needed.

The actual date of calibration services will be finalized via e-mail/phone discussions.

Please note that replies and confirmations by email sometimes end up in junk mail folders and spam folders. This is something I have no control over so please take a look there if you don’t think I have responded in a reasonable time frame. Usually, all emails get responded to within a few hours.

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This Online Booking form is currently for Michael Chen only.  Please contact Mike Osadciw directly for Mike’s calibrations.

If you are booking from outside my normal service area, I will try to forward your request to a calibrator that is more local to you. 

Your browser must be up to date for this form to function properly.  It has  been successfully tested on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.  Often the “I am not a robot test” will not work on older browsers.  If you cannot get the form to work, just contact me by email or text me through my cell number.  I don’t usually answer the phone to numbers I don’t recognize.  Too many phone solicitors.


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