It should be noted that “the tools do not make the man, but rather, the man makes the tools.”  In a recent visit to Los Angeles, a colormunki spectro device that sells for $400 easily bested a Minolta CS-200 spectro device that sells for $13,000.  The difference was the skill set of the two calibrators involved.  The calibrator with the Minolta was either lacking in his skill set or just lazy on this calibration job.  It was not hard to make improvements even with just normal calibration test discs.

As of  Nov. 2017

Measuring Devices:

Konica Minolta CS-1000 Spectrometer;

Konica Minolta CS-200 Spectrometer;

Klein K-10A Colorimeter;

X-Rite I1 Pro Spectrometer;

Spectracal C6 colormeter;

X-Rite I1 Display Pro 3 colorimeter;

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo Spectro


Signal Generators:

Murideo UHD generator;

Spectracal Video Forge Pro;

AV Foundry Video Forge;

Spectracal DPG 1000-1200-1400 series Generator

HD Fury


Calibration Discs/Media Files:

Digital Video Essentials HD Basics;


RM HDR10 Test Pattern Suite;

Spears & Munsil Test Disc;

THX Calibrator Disc;

AVSHD Calibration;

Ted’s Lightspace CMS Calibration Disc

Disney WOW


Calibration Software:

Calman V5;

THX Calibrator by Chroma Pure


Interface Software for THX & ISF Modes:

Calman V5

Calman Samsung QLED calibration interface