Post Production Calibration Services

“Properly calibrated displays provide the certainty that all images are accurately presented. ”

Post Production Calibration services both facilities serving the film industry and the television industry.  These services are available to the Greater Toronto Area, the Calgary Region, Edmonton Region, and surprisingly the Vancouver region.

We provide quarterly visits, bi-annual visits or whatever works best for your needs.

Properly calibrated workstations result in less tension between the studio and its clients when reviewing finished products; one less thing to worry about.  No more internal disputes about pictures looking wrong on one display versus the next.

Standard calibrations and 3D LUT options are available where applicable.

“Calibration improves client confidence in the quality of your work and demonstrates your continuing commitment to excellence.”

Clients include:

National Film Board – The Lost Blue

HBO Max – The Last of Us (Season 1)

Prey (Predator 2022)

Dark Match (2023)

Pets & Pickers (2023)

Hitler’s Last Stand (2023)

Tribal (CBC / FX / APBN)

Firefly Lane (Netflix)

Progressive Post Technologies (Vancouver)

Tyson Media Productions (Vancouver)

Omnifilm Post (Vancouver)

Parallax Digital Post (Vancouver)

Travel Alberta

Dept. 9 Studios (Edmonton)

Linus Media Group (Vancouver)

Tribal Imaging VFX (Calgary)

Jump Studios (Calgary)

National Film Board of Canada (Edmonton)

Pyramid Productions (Calgary)

Prairie Dog Productions (Calgary)

Spotlight Productions


CBC Edmonton (English/French)

El Chicano Productions (Deadbeat Company)

WhiteIron Studios

Ron Ing Productions

Joe Media Group

Picture Element Canada