Field Of View Dreams … Why it does not matter or we are hosed.

Now let us look at this the other way and say that Field of View of the meter is all that matters and let’s examine the implications that something like this statement actually brings up.  It will benefit us to look at the illustration below, again.

FOV Comparison
FOV Comparison

If the readings on a device like the D3/C6/Discus etc. are totally dependent on a specific field of view, and change dramatically when you change the FOV, then when exactly would such a device ever be correct (3 inches from screen?  7 inches … 12 inches … 18 inches) and how would you really know?  If they are only designed to be in contact position, then I can understand that, but these things have tripod mounts built into them so clearly they are designed for more than contact measurements.  Add to that, they are being sold as devices that you can use to calibrate your projectors and there are no contact modes there.  If FOV truly matters, then that makes these colorimeter devices useless as they will never give you the same answer.  Lend your meter to a friend with the same kind of TV, set it up with a different field of view and end up with a picture that looks rather different than your own TV.  How can this be right?

Stuff to think about.



Michael Chen

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