Video Forge Pro vs Classic

Here is a video I shot showing the speed of the new Video Forge Pro 4k UHD signal generator versus the classic VF 1080p generator.


Video 52 – Video Forge Pro versus Classic – This shows you the speed difference between these two signal generators.

Video 53 – Video Forge Pro User Patterns – This video shows you the basic user test patterns that the Video Forge Pro provides. More limited than one would like.

Michael Chen

Michael Chen is the only THX Video Systems Instructor in Canada, and beyond these borders, is one of just two THX Video Instructors in the entire world.  He has actively consulted with Spectracal and ChromaPure and has created numerous education videos on the calibration process with still more to come.  His Video Calibration Training Series has quickly become the most comprehensive and simple to understand learning tool on the market today.  He has also taught classes for both the ISF and Spectracal as well and is now spearheading his all new TLVEXP calibration training program. Let Michael teach you Video Calibration and add that additional income stream to your installation and integration business

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