In the Pipeline Fall 2015 Edition

editor deskLife gets in the way for all the fun stuff that I’d like to talk about.  Sigh.

I’ve played with a number of those new Epson LS10000 Laser projectors as well as a bunch of other ones too.  My old LG 55″ Local dimming LED set has been retired to my parents place after a good four years of use.  They went up from a 46″ Sony to this one and typical, they fear the new TV is too big.  (Psst … they sit 15 feet back from this TV.)  See my comments in the “pick your poison” article pertaining to the long term effects that you can expect to see on any set that does the local dimming.  The party doesn’t last forever and no reviewer has ever been able to examine the long term effects of any particular technology.  They usually get a TV for a month or two to play with and that is about it.

I replaced that LG set with another LG set.  Their 9300 series 55″ OLED.  It was a sweet deal last Christmas and I’ve only recently taken to mounting it for general and family use.  I was worried for the longest time given how my kids beat on the previous LG set by forgetting to turn it off and running off.  Can’t do that on the OLED.

Got an article / rant on curved flat screens coming up really soon.  The real purpose of the curve is not what most people would have thought.

Also in the pipeline, I’m going to finally get back to shoot a few more training videos this week. (Late september) as things have been sitting at #39 for a while.  Yeah, only 39 training videos so far … 8+ hours of training to make your head blow up real good.  The next two on the docket are about meter profiling when it comes to doing 3D calibrations and what to do when you encounter those words … RGB Full and RGB limited on gear you use.  (Update – Videos 40 & 41 are available for downloading now for Lifetime subscribers.)

I’m not running out of ideas just yet for training videos.  But additional suggestions always help stir the pot.

I’ve also figured out a better system to make the streaming of these training videos off this site work smoother.  Website apps/plug ins don’t always work the way you’d like.

Also, for those of you that are actually booking calibrations with me or other services, don’t forget to take advantage of the pre-pay option and save 10%.

That’s it for the moment.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.


Michael Chen

Michael Chen is the only THX Video Systems Instructor in Canada, and beyond these borders, is one of just two THX Video Instructors in the entire world.  He has actively consulted with Spectracal and ChromaPure and has created numerous education videos on the calibration process with still more to come.  His Video Calibration Training Series has quickly become the most comprehensive and simple to understand learning tool on the market today.  He has also taught classes for both the ISF and Spectracal as well and is now spearheading his all new TLVEXP calibration training program. Let Michael teach you Video Calibration and add that additional income stream to your installation and integration business

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