In the Pipeline – September 2016

Hi all,

I am in the process of shooting some more training videos that will take it up to the magic number of 50. Wow 50 … who would have thought that.  These will all be based around Calman workflows.

Calman Home Basic:

I`m almost finished the one on the Calman Home Basic workflow and should be up soon.

Calman Home Express:

Also I spent all yesterday shooting the raw footage for the Calman Home Express workflow.  It has been edited over the weekend and should be up soon as well.

The expectation is that these training videos will be available for viewing for free.  The Home Advanced and Home Enthusiast workflows are next.  There is a lot of material to cover here.  Make sure you understand that these videos are not meant to be anywhere as in depth as the bulk of the training series.  My aim is to help people achieve the goal of the workflow page, not to explain why it might actually be the wrong thing to do … or that something might be plain stupid … or actually a waste of time … or that there are better and smarter ways to do things.

As I have found with just shooting the videos for the first two workflows, these videos can still get very long … so I have broken them up into at least two parts each …

Multi-point Grayscale:

Also in the queue is Video 49 on multipoint grayscale which will be ready soon.  Most of the raw footage was shot, but I have to reshoot one segment again.

The Pick your Poison Article has also been updated for 2016 with additional information on the weaknesses of the various display technologies out there.  Worth a read if you are looking at buying a new TV this fall or Christmas.



Michael Chen

Michael Chen is the only THX Video Systems Instructor in Canada, and beyond these borders, is one of just two THX Video Instructors in the entire world.  He has actively consulted with Spectracal and ChromaPure and has created numerous education videos on the calibration process with still more to come.  His Video Calibration Training Series has quickly become the most comprehensive and simple to understand learning tool on the market today.  He has also taught classes for both the ISF and Spectracal as well and is now spearheading his all new TLVEXP calibration training program. Let Michael teach you Video Calibration and add that additional income stream to your installation and integration business

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