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Calibration Knowledge Challenge

Some Questions may have more than one correct answerA great tool for evaluating the calibration guy when you can’t be sure.

Calibration Challenge

See how your knowledge stacks up against seasoned ISF and THX calibrators!  If you think you understand the process of calibration well, then you should have no problems here.  Have fun.

If you live in a place where you can’t get one of the traveling calibrators to visit, how do you know if the local guys are any good?  Everyone says they know their stuff … no one announces that they are a bad lawyer or a bad doctor or bad calibrator.  So how do you know if the guy who is going to calibrate your TV is any good?  You have to ask them the right questions, but sometimes that requires that you  know more than they do about the topic.  You should not need to know more than your doctor or lawyer or mechanic … You shouldn’t have to.  So what can you really do?

Get them to take this short quiz and get those results posted so that you can identify them in the leaderboard.  It’s not perfect, but people that don’t know what they are really doing will not be able to fake their way through this quiz.  And if they refuse to take it … then you have other things to consider.  This can be one giant step toward giving you some confidence that this calibrator is the right person for the job.

Should they have to score 100%?  Nah … how about better than 75% as a start.  Would you want a professional calibrator who scored 40% on this quiz working on your TV?

Read each question carefully and note the exact words that are used.  Questions with squares have more than one correct answer.  Pick all correct answers.

Please note that the questions and answers are presented in a randomized order every time you take the quiz.



Professional Calibrator Competency Examination


Professional Calibrator Competancy Test

This is the examination for the TLVEXP training program.  It is comprised of 100 questions randomly drawn from a database of over 200 questions.  The passing grade is 85%.

This exam can be used to evaluate the skill and knowledge level of potential ISF and THX Calibrators.  Those looking to hire a professional to come and calibrate their displays, but are unsure of the skill set of the person, are encouraged to have the calibrator come and take this exam.  If a calibrator refuses to take the quiz, then I leave it to you on what you should think and do next.

The questions here are both text book based as well as real world based.

Read each question carefully and note the exact words that are used.  Questions with squares have more than one correct answer.  Pick all correct answers.


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