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“…watched the first two of your videos and found them to be really well done. Nice job!”
Doug Weil (ISF/THX Calibrator), Clearly Resolved Image & Sound, ISF Forum Library Owner


“Experience.  It’s something that takes years to acquire.  Especially as a professional Video Calibrator.  Most of us learn by trial and error, and hundreds of hours of playing with our equipment, and our own displays, and unfortunately sometimes learning hard lessons while calibrating a clients display.  Although we are given a very good grasp of the process and a head start, through the training, (both textbook and hands on), provided by the Level I and II THX Video Calibration course, there is simply not enough time to cover how to relate this information in simple terms to your client, which can be the most important part of the process, and the most difficult.  

Until now.

Michael, whom I like to call my own personal Yoda, which being a huge star wars fan I am sure he gets a kick out of, has provided us with the opportunity to sit through an entire calibration from start to finish, and experience the process that he uses, from a clients point of view.  Being able to confidently relay, step by step, to the customer exactly what is being done to their display can make the difference in a clients experience, and overall enjoyment of their investment.  To quote Michael directly, “Answers, without understanding the questions, have no meaning.”  If a client is left out of the process and does not understand it, they can be left feeling underwhelmed, and cheated of hard earned money.

Every calibrator, especially the new calibrator owes it to their clients to educate themselves as much as possible, and I can think of no better way than to sit through an entire calibration, from one of the best and most prolific calibrators on the planet.  It would be foolish not to.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO SERIES TO ALL SERIOUS CALIBRATORS.  You won’t be sorry.
Corey Robb (ISF/THX Calibrator) – AudioWaves Home Theatre & Design, BC


“… I really appreciate the explanations of the processes, goals, history, etc. … FANTASTIC!I learn something new each time I go over a set … It never hurts to review fundamentals … I can’t wait for more ...”
Terry B. – Austin, TX (ISF Calibrator)


“…Thank you Michael for your training videos very interesting and well done …”
Cedric L. – France (ISF Calibrator)


… I just completed part 16 and learned something I never bothered with – keeping the glasses straight for 3D.  Again, thanks for the efforts with the videos.  They must have taken you a lot of time to shoot and put together.  My only comment would be to try to get your face into the shot (it does not matter as the content is still being delivered with your voice, but it would look nicer 🙂 …
Venkatesh M – Malaysia (THX Calibrator)


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“… I’ve made it through about half the videos so far and I think they’re great!…”
Mechman – Home Theater Shack Forum


“I’ve started the first few videos and all I can say is THANK YOU Michael! They are simple, easy to understand, and a must have for all HD Addicts!”
C. Werth – (Owner of HighDefJunkies)


“…Thank you very much for your time to make all these precious materials…”
Jean R – Brazil


This is the Video Calibration Training store page.  The training video is actually a series of separate videos that run from 4 minutes to 25 minutes in length. This series is currently at 35 parts with parts 36 to 38 in the pipeline.  Total combined run time for all the videos is more than seven hours so far.  It is highly recommended that the videos are watched in numeric order for the first viewing.  (Parts 1 through 12, that is.  The remaining are more random topics outside of a normal calibration.)  My own preferred viewing order would be Part 18 first as that covers set up.  Then Parts 1 to 12.  Then Part 16 for 3D.  Parts 13 and 17 are just additional learning topics with 17 dealing with more advanced calibration features on some TVs.  Parts 14 and 15 are a repeat of material covered in the original 12 parts, but focusing on using the Chromapure software.

The Training Video serves two purposes.  It is a visual aid and guide for the new THX Video Calibrator as it covers what is said to a client in a typical calibration session that I do.  The only difference being that the client actually ends up with a calibrated TV at the end of the process and pays 4 times to 5 times the cost of these videos in the process.  The client also does not get the benefit of referring back to the many stories within the calibration session.  This Video Training Series should be a great way to supplement the material that was taught in the THX Video Calibration Class (or ISF class for that matter).  The old Spectracal Professional Monitor Calibration classes that I taught for them were actually based on my 4 to 6 hour calibration sessions and those students routinely paid $400 for that eight hour class.

[important]Bonus View … Watch Part One for Free.[/important]

As THX Video Calibrators will quickly realize, this Video Training program is very similar to a compressed version of the actual THX class minus the hands-on calibration time and some other stuff.  Why? Because the structure of the THX class was largely influenced by these original calibration sessions.  Same people after all involved in both programs.

The second purpose of the Training Video series is that it is precisely about training.  An enthusiast using an entry level probe can watch and reproduce the results of what is being taught and they will have a calibrated display at the end of the process and a lot more certainty that they did it correctly.  Visual training is usually much easier to understand than the written word.  There is a lot less open for interpretation when learning a concept via the Video Training program. Nothing like getting the basics down the first time. No guessing.

These Training Videos should not be construed as a substitute for the three day THX Video Calibration class nor are they intended to be.  They are also not intended to cover every last detail and nuance about calibration.  No class can even hope to cover that and 7 hours of videos certainly won’t.  Expectations like this are unrealistic and you won’t get a $2000 class and a life time of experience in a $150 package.  These videos do compliment the professional training because they ensure that the fundamentals of calibration learned in the class will not be misunderstood by the student when they start to offer these services to clients.

[important]Bonus View … Watch Part 22 for Free. Profiling Meters with Calman V4[/important]

The Training Video uses the AVSHD test disc which is a freeware disc for anyone to download and burn to a DVD.  While not technically free, it will cost a user all of 25 cents for the cost of a blank DVD in most cases.  It can be found here. Just download it and burn it.  Most Blu-Ray players will recognize the contents on the DVD as BD material and play it back correctly.  Then follow along through the videos and end up with a much better result than where you started out.  Don’t remember what I said about a certain topic or aspect?  Play it back 10 times until you fully understand.

The Video Training program here will not be static either.  I reserve the right to update them and add additional material as I see fit.  Some special edition versions of the videos are already in the pipeline.  Let’s say that they are always a work in progress just like for the filmmakers themselves.  The Video Training programs also include what I call text based commentary that further supplements the existing material.  Sometimes some elements of calibration do not always find their way into normal conversation so these are added in.  It may be distracting at first, but read the commentary on the second viewing.

[important]Bonus View … Watch Part 23 for Free. Profiling Meters with Calman V5 [/important]

The program purchase is good for a period of 6 months Additional access is priced at $20 for each 6 month period afterwards.  For permanent access to the video series, please contact me.

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[warning]In order to view the Calibration Training Program Videos (after you purchase them), you must have an active You Tube account or you need to set one up.  We will need that e-mail associated with the You Tube account.  Once I get that e-mail address, I will send you an e-mail containing the video links to that You Tube address.  The links on the letter should be active in about 30 minutes from when you receive the e-mail.[/warning]

[important]Bonus View … Watch Part 24 for Free. Profiling Meters with Chromapure [/important]

Calibration Training Program Videos available for purchase.

This introductory offer expires October 31. 2016.   Price will increase to $125 and streaming access to all 50 videos will be available.  Still a $50 savings over the regular streaming price.  Lifetime Subscription is $150 with downloadable content.   

Training Video Subscription: $100  (Best Value – Includes the 35 Videos shown here.)

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A la carte … (If you just want to test the waters with no big commitment … but if you find yourself buying 4 to 5 of these videos, probably best to contact me to get you converted to the full subscription.  The first samples of “Crack” are free, kiddies)

Training Video Subscription 01 – Pre-Calibration: $10

Training Video Subscription 02 – Setting Brightness: $10

Training Video Subscription 03 – Setting Contrast: $10

Training Video Subscription 04 – Setting Sharpness: $10

Training Video Subscription 05 – Setting Overscan: $10

Training Video Subscription 06 – Why Calibrate?: $10

Training Video Subscription 07 – Setting Colour & Tint with filters: $10

Training Video Subscription 08 – Why TVs are not Calibrated: $10

Training Video Subscription 09 – Grayscale: $10

Training Video Subscription 10 – Color & Tint with a meter: $10

Training Video Subscription 11 – Color Management Systems: $10

Training Video Subscription 12 – Reference Material: $10

Training Video Subscription 13 – Setting Gamma: $10

Training Video Subscription 14 – Grayscale with Chromapure: $10

Training Video Subscription 15 – Color Management with Chromapure: $10

Training Video Subscription 16 – 3D Calibration: $10

Training Video Subscription 17 – 10 Point Gamma: $10

Training Video Subscription 18 – Set Up: $10

Training Video Subscription 19 – Delta E: $10

Training Video Subscription 20 – Day Modes: $10

Training Video Subscription 21 – Eyeballing Grayscale: $10

Training Video Subscription 22 – Profiling Meters on Calman 4: $10

Training Video Subscription 23 – Profiling Meters on Calman 5: $10

Training Video Subscription 24 – Profiling Meters on Chromapure: $10

Training Video Subscription 25 – Front Projection Calibration: $10

Training Video Subscription 26 – Automation Notes: $10

Training Video Subscription 27 – Calibration Food Chain: $10

Training Video Subscription 28 – ISF/THX Modes Vs. User Modes: $10

Training Video Subscription 29 – Black & White Modes: $10

Training Video Subscription 30 – Calibration Under Studio Lights: $10

Training Video Subscription 31 – Colorimeters Vs. Spectros: $10

Training Video Subscription 32 – Tint with a Meter: $10

Training Video Subscription 33 – APL Patterns and Plasma sets: $10

Training Video Subscription 34 – Viewing Environment: $10

Training Video Subscription 35 – Grayscale Addendum 1.0: $10