Intainium Home Cinemas

Intainium Home Cinemas.  If you have ever heard the term “HTIB,” (Home Theater In a Box)  prepare to have your world turned upside down.  You won’t believe your senses.  Imagine this, a proper home theater custom designed specifically for your home, and you can assemble it all in two to three days.  And you don’t have to be the sound expert …

Available in Canada.  Uniquely Canadian.

THX® and CEDIA® have recognized the credibility of our brand, publishing Intainium as being ‘Cutting Edge’ and delivering the best home cinema experiences possible.  Since 1984, our expert team of Designers, Engineers and Craftsmen have been creating best-in-class home entertainment rooms, cinemas and recording environments for our clientele.  Recently, Intainium and Ariel Muller Designs, (AMD – who are World renowned for their `best of the best` interior design team) have joined forces to create outstanding home cinema design options for our respected clients and enthusiasts Worldwide.
Our clients truly experience harmony between their room interiors and audio / video equipment, without the costly need for time consuming room commissioning, equalization and often crafty A/V equipment sales ‘upsell’ techniques. And, our installations take days, not months, which means huge savings
kicked back to our clients in time and labour. Which our clients really appreciate!

Please call 416-619-4428 to book your appointment, and a home cinema experience of a lifetime.



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