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May 04

In the Pipeline – April 2016

Just a quick update on what is on the docket hopefully in the next few weeks to a month.  Working on an article on High Dynamic Range101 or think of it as HDR for Dummies.  I’ve seen how some other articles describe it so look for my take … coming soon.

Also on deck will be a few more videos and I will be doing a whole batch of them in one sitting.  Some of these will be the start of the exclusive videos that only the subscribers have access to and are not available as an individual purchase.  Looks like the Video Training series will be hitting #50 sooner than I thought.  When I started those, I thought that 12 videos would be about enough.  Whoops.

I’m continuing to book for my late June/early July trip out east from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay to Sault St. Marie to Sudbury to Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal.  Almost fully booked up on that end so act fast.




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